Reflecting on Creating ICT Rich Lesson Plans

I myself am guilty of using ICT’s in the past as an “add-on” in the classroom. The challenge for me as I prepare for my Professional Experience Placement is to develop interesting and well-planned teaching and learning experiences to utilize the educational potential of digital resources, Internet communications, and interactive multimedia to engage the interest, interaction, and knowledge construction of young learners.

Before I begin to excitedly plan for my learners I need to:

  1. Explore more deeply the relevant contexts or frameworks from the curriculum I will be using to ensure practical integration of links to the curriculum and the learning processes
  2. Find out what ICT’s are available in the school
  3. What are my mentor teacher’s own expectations of the importance of utilizing ICT’s.
  4. What existing use of ICT’s are happening in the classroom

Here is a link to some ideas for developing rich ICT lessons, especially in the early years!

Following some fellow bloggers post I can see that meeting mentors and discussing their placement and the incorporation of developing ICT rich lessons is upmost on peoples mind. It’s great to read other people’s blogs and read similar thoughts to what I have been having. See Isabella’s blog at:
I am very fortunate to have had a very brief meeting already upon which I got a very favourable reception to my brief description of how some of my lesson plans need to integrate ICTs. I am looking forward to having my formal meeting with my mentor in the coming week to discuss the development of my ICT lessons within the teaching and learning experiences!


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