Module 1: Connected to the World

The importance of this week’s modules became all too real a at my Mother-In-Law’s 60th Birthday this past weekend when she got her new Samsung Tablet as her gift. Her just turned 2 year old grandson was quick to register what it was and just as quick to know where to turn it on and access you tube to attempt to watch Mickey Mouse!!!

So in a world where my students are connected every day I am becoming increasingly aware of the need for myself to become more connected as well!
It draws attention to the role I have in scaffolding my students to have the skills to navigate the online world wisely.
Module 1 gave some effective strategies such as the importance of using privacy settings, scaffolding students in being able to critical analyse information gained from the internet which can help students and school communities prevent cyber safety issues.
The toolbox support section had great advice for strategies students at different age levels can use!