Reflective Blogging as part of ICT

Reflection is considered an integral part of teacher practice. As pre-service teachers we are constantly being asked to reflect on our philosophy and practice. However, teamed with apprehension about my technological competency and understanding the nature of blogging, constructive reflection has been a difficult process for me.

To be honest I have come to the conclusion that I haven’t been reflecting to the best of my ability  due to two number of factors:

  1. t have an initial question that I wanted to explore as part of my process.

I believe that If I actually posed a question around my ICT journey I wouldn’t feel at times that I am only blogging to pass the subject rather than just being panicked and start blogging without really mapping out my journey. What I should have done is directly after each weekly learning path automatically write my 1-2 blogs directly related to the learning path materials. My third blog could then address further areas of personal interest.

  1. Time Constraints

I am  thoroughly enjoy the journey I am on to become a qualified teacher, however if other students out there who, like me, are doing the Bachelor of Education course online, they too are perhaps working nearly full time and doing University full time, time constraints can put a massive strain on ones ability to complete task to the best of ones ability. Yes I know I put myself in to it – but as a mature age student if I didn’t bit the bullet and go ahead I wouldn’t have the career satisfaction that I get from being an educator compared to my previous employment.

I’ve just discovered an article written by Dr. Sarah Prestridge from Griffin University on ‘Reflective Blogging as part of ICT Professional Development to Support –  Pedagogical Change’ which I wish I had read at the start of my journey to better support the reflective process for me.


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