Following up – Connect. Ed Modules


After completing the four modules through Connect.ed exploring issues regarding children navigating the world of online I read other EDC blogs to gather opinions of what other educators now think of the importance of online safety.  Stephanie in her blog Connect-ed-modules highlight the importance of all children no matter their age in being aware of the ramifications their online use may have. It has also made me do some further research on how I could implement a follow up unit for early years students. I did some further searching, looking for examples of unit plans I could do with my early years students following the completion of the Connect.ed Modules  and  found this blog The Book Fairy by an primary school librarian who has developed a unit plan to support teachers inimplementing a cybersafety unit. It outlines ICT use for younger students in a positive and informative way for them to understand the importance of safe ICT use. It incorporates the safety aspects into lessons and the rules set out for safe ICT use. It gives you some great ideas for anchor charts you can develop with your students.


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