ICT – Reducing barriers for special need students

While completing my Professional Experience placement I saw how ICT can provides opportunities for scaffolding and supporting learning for children with additional learning needs. I had one student who presented with a number of social and behavioural needs due to a very traumatic early childhood. I got to observe how my mentor incorporated ICT to provide him with a variety of ways to put together words, pictures, and sounds, providing him with a range of ways to communicate his ideas, thoughts, and feelings with he was unable to orally communicate them.

One such app was the ‘iTouchiLearn Feelings for Preschool Kids’ which gives social cues needed to identify, interpret and communicate their emotions. By interacting with words and associated visual actions, children step through the process that causes an emotion. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/itouchilearn-feelings-for/id487364947?mt=8

One blogger  http://blog.momswithapps.com/apps-for-special-needs/ gives readers a whole list of apps that can be used with  students with additional learning needs. When I showed my mentor this blog she was delighted to add a bigger variety of apps to support her student!


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